Virtual training programme including custom simulations and face-to-face training event

A global sports company was looking for ways to improve financial knowledge and build collaborative behaviours as part of their talent academy development programme.

To achieve this, we facilitated the short version of our Clean Sweep Financial Acumen simulation over a half-day, as part of their four day programme.
In this, eight fictional companies competed to create the business with the highest total value over three simulated years, making decisions under intense time-pressure.

  • Participants experienced first-hand the impact of their decisions on cash, profit and economic value.
  • Teams learnt to respond to shifting market opportunities and risks and adapt their approach to maximise value creation.
  • Rated as one of the highlights of the four day programme, the simulation encouraged strong team collaboration and appreciation of diverse views.

“During the simulation, we were organised with colleagues of different functions and experiences. The simulation has helped us to understand more how business decisions are made and elements we need to consider. It also definitely shows us how we need to work in collaboration, understanding the strengths of our colleagues, to have a successful result!” – Participant

“Ososim are world class at engaging senior leaders in experiential learning in this way.” – Organiser