One of the most interesting discussion that I have had in the last week is with my old friend and fellow INSEAD alum, Ab Banerjee. Ab is an incredibly bright entrepreneur, with a great track record, whose new business, ViewsHub, has the potential to revolutionise and democratise another big piece of the HR world - recruitment and assessment.

ViewsHub is a crowd-sourced professional profile of how you work, think and interact, which you can match with the culture of any company or team. It is a data-oriented version of the Recommend me feature on Linkedin, but without any positive or negative scoring. Individuals begin by reviewing themselves and then getting peer reviews, highlighting your key character traits. Company profiles are automatically created by aggregating the employees within that company….a proxy for the culture of the company.

I recommend a look. Like our simulations, the tool is easy to use, simple and yet very clever. Knowing Ab it will be a great success.