Ososim is launching a new range of immersive and interactive leadership development solutions to improve team effectiveness in partnership with Middle Circle®.

Middle Circle®, a digital, psychometric tool, was created by ZPD, the specialist leadership consulting and team coaching company, to help teams discover where they can be more effective and support them over time as they develop. Underpinned by university research, Middle Circle® provides insights into a team’s unique combination of fourteen drivers of effectiveness as well as changing outdated habits and routines.

Blended discovery and simulation programmes to accelerate team performance

Middle Circle® and Ososim have come together to deliver combined learning solutions that build effective teams, helping organisations remain competitive in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Traditionally, leadership development has focussed on individuals, not teams. Yet effective teams are critical to organisational success. Research has long shown that when organisations focus on building effective teams, this benefits the organisation as a whole.

Declan Woods, CEO at ZPD Leadership Consulting and the creator of Middle Circle®, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Ososim and are looking forward to working on some major client projects together. Our combined learning solutions integrate Middle Circle®’s advanced insights tool with Ososim’s impactful learning experiences to deliver long-term, sustainable changes in how teams operate and perform.”

Jonathan Knight, Chief Executive at Ososim added: “Middle Circle® focusses on the whole team – not just individual members and their personalities. The same is true for our social learning experiences which offer different layers of learning – for the individuals themselves as well as the team as a whole. Our comprehensive learning programmes will help teams facing a range of business challenges including change management, digital transformation and mergers and acquisitions to move into their development zone and on the path to improved team effectiveness.”

Ososim is a global learning technology company that helps organisations bridge the gap between theory and practice.

We work in more than 85 countries, with major global companies such as Deloitte, Cisco and Korn Ferry, as well as government institutions, leading business schools such as London Business School and IMD, and non-profit organisations such as the World Economic Forum.

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ZPD is a global leadership consulting firm united by a passion to create more leadership in organisations.

Operating internationally, ZPD is an award-winning leader in team and executive coaching practice and the creator of the Middle Circle® suite of digital team and talent tools.

To find out more about ZPD, please contact +44 (0)203 950 8402 or visit www.zpd.co.uk. Learn about Middle Circle® on www.middlecircle.com or contact us on info@middlecircle.com.