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Week to go the Democratising Learning event

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It’s only a week to go before our CLO Forum on Democratising Learning at the Kensington Roof Gardens. The event is oversubscribed with more than 70 attendees from more than 50 organisations.

The main contributors on the day will be:

Professor Lynda Gratton, from London Business School and the FOW Consortium, on “The Burning Platform for Change”;

Rt Hon Lord (Jim) Knight, former Education and Employment Minister and learning technology guru, on “Peer to Peer Learning

Perry Timms, future-focused HR/OD practitioner, and Rob Jones, OD Director of Crossrail, on “Making Learning Stick – lessons from social media”; and

Toby Simpson, CTO of Ososim on “Simulation Development inspired by Mother Nature

plus we expect outstanding contributions from our stellar attendees, facilitated by the engaging and charismatic, Leon Roos

Much of the discussion will be streamed on Twitter (#DemocratisingLearning) so follow it if you can.